A trip into a hedonistic utopia, a window into another world. For Spring-Summer 2023, Maison Kitsuné showcases the first destination in their exploration of everywhere.

Together, a group of friends embark on the discovery of an uncharted realm. Amidst the organic shapes and warped perspectives of this newfound paradise, they are dressed in designs which adapt to and mirror their liberated ease.

Elevated fabrics interspersed with technical materials play with practicality. French shirting cut with Japanese kimono sleeves reflect a global disposition. Padded pieces and relaxed fits emphasise the effortless ease of a halcyon paradise; glimpses of foxes imbue the images with the brand’s trademark irreverence.

This is Maison Kitsuné in Wonderland: a world – and a wardrobe – ready for an enchanted rave.

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