Kitsuné Maison 6

The Kitsuné Maison selection comes back, 6th edition. Since 2005, Kitsuné Maison is made of what’s listened to in the Paris Kitsuné offices, of what Gildas & Masaya use when they dj, and also of new contacts met throughout the globe. There is a Kitsuné sound, but it keeps on evolving towards always more melody. A sometimes aggressive, violent sound and sometimes throbbing, melancholic or all of that at once. There’s some Australia, some old Europe and some America in it: artists come from everywhere, some signed and major, other poor and unknown. Some even are under Kitsuné’s label for albums to come or are already music industry’s creative directors’ new dream. That’s Kitsuné Maison 6, for home and everywhere else. Already available at Kitsuné Paris store and colette.


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