Parcels unveil video for new track, ‘Withorwithout’, starring Milla Jovovich

Parcels have unveiled the video for ‘Withorwithout’ today, starring Milla Jovovich and taken from the band’s acclaimed debut LP (out now via Kitsuné / Because Music). The Berlin-based Australian five-piece also embark on a massive global headline tour later this month with

The video to ‘Withorwithout’ – say Parcels – “is our celebration of the American slasher film, a genre which is fascinating in its traditionalism and strict maintenance of its classic tropes with each new rendition. The masks, the kitchen knife, the home invasion and of course the final girl – which in our case got to be Milla, the iconic queen of horror herself. We met Milla at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year when she waltzed in and absolutely tore up the dance floor at a tiny show we were playing, admitting to us afterwards she was a fan.

After bonding over a shared love of horror movies, we showed her an idea we already had for a slasher music video and she put us in contact with a talented director friend of hers, Ben. We developed an idea of Milla being this darkly obsessive Parcels fan in a strained marriage and where this could go in a slasher movie. Before we knew it we were in a rented villa in Beverly Hills with bright blue glitter caked thick on our faces working with a real Hollywood film crew until the sun rose. It was truly mind blowing and so much fun, just like any good horror film should be.”

French illustrator Laurent Melki – best known for his early horror film images that have now become iconic such as Claws of the night and Night of the living dead – has additionally created an illustrative poster, which perfectly encapsulates the cinematic theme of the video.

“A pristine blend of funk, disco, jazz and yacht rock…highly impressive” Mixmag

Ambitious, infectious, and marking the arrival of a genre-crossing new band, Parcels’ debut album is the brainchild of five young guys barely in their twenties, who nonetheless have appeared as if beamed from another planet.

Parcels’ early sound suitably reflects this ability to travel, and transform yourself: following an eclectic thread from The Beach Boys and Chic through to yacht rock heroes like Steely Dan, all the while blending elements of electronica, funk and tirelessly-drilled live musicianship into classic but contemporary pop. It’s in their Berlin exile – and its long history of creative breakthroughs – that the alchemy which makes Parcels so refreshing first crystallized. Theirs is a maniacal taste for perfection when it comes to production, composition and arrangement, with a live show so accomplished that Daft Punk offered to work with them on the spot (the first time the duo have chosen an emerging act to add to their list of collaborators, which also includes the likes of Kanye, The Weeknd and Pharrell).

It’s typical of Parcels, though, that these 12 musical doses of sunshine aren’t coming out in high summer: think of them as aural sunbeds to get you through the winter. Still, the cold isn’t so much of a worry for them these days. “These days,” Swain says, “we’re all in houses that have great insulation and heating.” And when the weather’s cold, they’ll bring the sunshine with them.


“Both timely and from a different era…not any albums are made like this any more” NME, 5/5


The album is available in vinyl and comes in a triple gatefold case with a signed poster.

Parcels tracklist: 1. Comedown, 2. Lightenup, 3. Withorwithout, 4. Tape, 5. Everyroad, 6. Yourfault, 7. Closetowhy, 8. IknowhowIfeel, 9. Exotica, 10. Tieduprightnow, 11. Bemyself, 12. Credits (ft. Dean Dawson)

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