Illustrator of the month: Elyn Kazarian

Do you remember the first picture you’ve ever made ? What was it? Would you mind sharing it with us ?

I have no recollection of that. I’ve been drawing since I was two years old (according to my mom), and I know she’s kept all of my drawings, but I have no idea what the first one was.

Does music inspire your work?

Music absolutely inspires my work! I really don’t know what I’d do without it.

If your art was a song, what would it be? Why?

If my art was a song, it would be Weird Fishes/Arpeggi by Radiohead. In Rainbows is a brilliant album, and I think one of their best works from front to back, but I remember when it initially came out, I was just obsessed with that particular song, and would play it over and over again. It has such magnitude and vulnerability, and I feel my work speaks to that.

If you could create an album cover for an artist, who would it be? Why?

f I could create an album cover for an artist, it would be for Kendrick Lamar. He is by far the best rapper of our generation and someone who is constantly pushing the boundaries.

Is there a song on Kitsuné Musique you think would have been great for you to depict?

I actually have loved the releases from Tim Ayre as it’s musically pretty different from what I’ve worked on in the past, so I’d love that challenge.

Now that you have linked your pictures with music, what other art would you like to explore?

I’ve always been immensely inspired by architecture and film, so those are two areas I am moving towards.

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