Kitsuné Club

It’s been nine years now since Kitsuné has started throwing regular Kitsuné Club Nights.

Gathering current hot DJs, the Kitsuné Club Nights took over the coolest venues in the world, from the rooftop in Paris or Chicago to Tokyo’s trendiest club: Kitsuné found its place in the nightlife’s sun by hosting more than 100 events per year.

Artists: 박혜진 Park Hye Jin, Genius Of Time, Session Victim, Baltra, Jun Akimoto, Mad Rey, Folamour, Moxie, Natasha Diggs, Pat Lok, Young Franco and more.


Kitsuné has created a live performances program inviting the nest artists of the moment to showcase into major venues from London to Tokyo through NYC.
It’s the opportunity for us to invite some upcoming and rising live band that we believe will be the next big thing.

Artists: Two Door Cinema Club, Hot Chip, Digitalism, La Roux, Parcels, Years & Years, etc.

Café Kitsuné

In February 2020 Café Kitsuné launched its new monthly event series within its locations around the world: the Café Kitsuné Super-Series. Highlighting its natural wine, bespoke cocktail recipes and saké programs, guests can sip and dance to sets by local DJs.

Artists: Mona Matsuoka, Odalys, Nianga Niang, Mike Nasty, Joshua Lang, The Whooligan, Dylan Ali and more.

Kitsuné The Sunset

Kitsuné Musique has launched a series of monthly sunset events: the Sunset Series. Gathering a line-up of local fresh DJs per cities, the Sunset Series is the perfect way to relax by enjoying a fresh beverage and DJ performances over sunset time.

Artists: Young Franco, Eli Escobar, Didi Han, Maalib, DJ Soulscape, Jitwam and more.


After having encountered a huge success in Paris, Kitsuné has launched its newest concept: Kitsuné Afterwork.

The idea is to recreate the peak time of a Saturday night in a crowded club on a Thursday eve from 7pm to 11pm, and invite some of the most exciting lives and DJs of the moment.

Quickly, the word has been spread and the series has been exported to New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Seoul and Bangkok.

Artists: Princess Nokia, Tommy Genesis, Smino, Ray BLK, Rimon, Flohio, Rome Fortune, Octavian, Che Lingo, Serious Klein, Jamz Supernova, Ti any Calver, Kitty Cash, Amrit, Odalys, Nianga Niang, Bohan Phoenix, Yeti Out, and more.

Kitsuné Radio

Kitsuné Musique has teamed up with its favorite tastemaker radio stations for a special radio worldwide tour. Showcasing sixty minutes live performances by local artists, Kitsuné’s Radio Tour features unreleased and refreshing sounds straight to your ears, from experimental sets to groovy sessions.

Artists: Mad Rey, Regularfantasy, FRNK, Tedman Lee, DAWS, Yazmine and more.