The Founders



Born in 1973 in Lesneven in Brittany, Gildas Loaëc is a modern self-made man: self-taught, he started out organising rave parties and printing fanzines at school. In 1995, he opened the record shop “Street Sounds” in Paris, a popular spot for House Music lovers. It was there that he met his future partner Masaya, as well as Daft Punk who he started to work with during few years before co-founding the cult ready-to-wear brand and music label that today is interested in good quality coffee: Kitsuné.

Masaya Kuroki arrived in France from Japan at a very young age and grew up in Paris amidst the artistic effervescence of the 1990s, hanging out at early house music parties and in the capital’s skate shops. A major fan of fashion, he paid his way through architecture school by working in vintage clothes stores.

During a founding trip to Japan, the two young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of launching a lifestyle brand that wasn’t confined to one discipline. The duo took the time to learn and to try things out, and success soon came knocking.

“We wanted to build a business that reflected our Art de Vivre: Kitsuné, is above all story of passions, ambitions and the desire to start doing.”