The Kitsuné Art de Vivre

For the past nineteen years, the multi-faceted Paris-meets-Tokyo brand has consistently grown and increased its international influence organically, building a loyal fan base all over the world.

Independent Paris fashion house Maison Kitsuné draws its inspiration from the cultural and aesthetic connections between these two cities through a wardrobe that brings together sharp tailoring, distinct streetwear influences, playfulness and wearable, comfort-focused designs. Since inception, Maison Kitsuné has grown its network of directly-owned and operated stores to 38 locations across the world, including Paris, New York City, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, and Los Angeles. The collection is also available online via the brand’s e-commerce site, in addition to more than 400 points of sale worldwide.

Music label Kitsuné Musique’s philosophy has always been driven by singling out emerging talents as they break into music. Over the years, Kitsuné Musique has become the first home of sought-after artists such as Parcels, Two Door Cinema Club, Digitalism and more. If there is a Kitsuné sound, it could be described as incredibly diverse and led by the passion for talent scouting.

Specialty coffee retailer Café Kitsuné pays tribute to the pleasure of enjoying a quality coffee in iconic locations. Created in 2013, Café Kitsuné has grown to a network of 18 cafés across the world including Tokyo, Paris, Seoul, New York City, and Beijing, achieving cult status amongst specialty coffee lovers around the world. In 2019, Café Kitsuné has also extended its activities to new business lines, adding roasteries, bars and restaurants to its range.

The Fox, your favorite animal!

Kitsuné is the Japanese word for fox, a symbol of versatility. Legend has it, the fox possesses the power to change its appearance, just like Kitsuné knows how to adapt its repertoire according to inspiration. Since the brand’s inception, this mythical animal has been Kitsuné’s signature logo, fluidly working its way in, here and there – and of course, shifting faces along the way.

Creative Director

Clayton, whose involvement with Maison Kitsuné began in 2020, is overseeing all seasonal collections for women and men. By focusing primarily on savoir-faire and silhouettes, Clayton has been gradually shifting the brand’s fashion positioning with care, quality and attention to detail. To Maison Kitsuné, Clayton brings a breadth of design and production that spans Parisian high fashion to up-market sportswear.

“I want to enlarge people’s perceptions of Maison Kitsuné,” says Clayton, a graduate of Central Saint Martins. “Maison Kitsuné has an authentic DNA that combines Paris and Tokyo lifestyles, so the goal is to amplify this through a wider fashion offering that showcases our everyday creativity and savoir-faire.”

In the original spirit of its music label, collaborations have been a fundamental element of the Maison Kitsuné approach to fashion. Beyond Clayton’s involvement, the brand will continue to draw on a variety of talents for upcoming capsules and collaborations through 2022, which also marks the milestone 20th anniversary of the brand.

“There is great creative dynamism as we embark on this momentous year,” says Clayton. “Everything is done with commitment but in a relaxed way, which has been my impression of Maison Kitsuné all along.”

Maison Kitsuné Boutiques

Maison Kitsuné has now 38 boutiques in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta and Beijing amongst others.