La Chica

La Chica

Born in Paris Belleville, to a French father and a Venezuelan mother, Sophie grew up between France and Venezuela. She studied the violin and then the piano for 13 years. After scientific studies, she trained as a sound engineer at ISTS (ESRA) for 2 years.

She was subsequently a studio musician, pianist / keyboardist, accompanying artists of very different styles (Zap Mama, Yael Naim, Mayra Andrade, Christophe Maé, Pauline Croze ..). Then she sang in the group 3somesisters which was a stage revelation for her.

She finally created her personal project LA CHICA when the need to express herself through her own voice, her own words, became vital to her. It is a complete and very personal artistic project. She is fascinated by visual art so she has a lot of fun in her aesthetic proposition through music videos and other artwork. It is also a therapeutic approach that allows him to move forward in his quest for identity.

Sophie has so far released an EP OASIS, a CAMBIO album, 2 singles tracks (Venezuela and La Serpiente) and has just finished a mini album around the piano, LA LOBA, released on December 4, 2020.