Café Kitsuné


It’s just a short step from passion to high standards… And Café Kitsuné soon wanted to master every stage of the process, from sourcing the bean right through to the degustation.

A place dedicated to the coffee experience

In the context of this global vision – both qualitative and sustainable – a roastery was opened in Japan in Okayama in 2019.

In 2021, the first roastery in Europe is inaugurated, Café Kitsuné Vertbois, with this new address adding another dimension to the delight of enjoying specialty coffee in Paris.

Café Kitsuné pays tribute to the pleasure of enjoying a quality coffee in locations that are both modern, cosmopolitan and welcoming.

Café Kitsuné Vertbois

Café Kitsuné Vertbois is first and foremost a production site with a roastery run by the artisan roaster Florian Decousser.

The signature Café Kitsuné blend, roasted in Paris and created with two types of specialty coffee beans from Brazil and Guatemala, is distinguished by a delicate balance: both savoury and full-bodied, with hints of chocolate and honey, a dash of peach, and a special long finish, thanks to a texture that is both soft and syrupy.

The Café Kitsuné in the rue du Vertbois is also a destination for degustation, with all of Café Kitsuné’s classic specialities available to be enjoyed in situ or to take away: espresso, macchiato, americano, dirty chai, cappuccino, cortado, flat white, mochaccino along with teas, pastries, juices and ice cream.

Finally, it’s a place for sharing coffee culture with thematic workshops organised every Saturday.

Café Kitsuné Okayama

With the opening of its very own roastery in Okayama’s district of Izushi, Café Kitsuné has created every step of the coffee roasting process to ensure quality and flavor consistency.

In collaboration with Aroma Coffee Roastery’s owner Kazuya Watanabe, Café Kitsuné has created a truly unique Café Kitsuné blend, using beans from Guatemala, Salvador and Nicaragua.

It is this unique flavour that Café Kitsuné devotees are now able to take home, with coffees freshly roasted every week.

The Café Kitsuné coffee beans roasted at Okayama are also available in our café in Tokyo and throughout Asia in the near future.