Leonardo Das Cabrio

Leonardo Das Cabrio
Leonardo Das Cabrio is the brainchild of Luis Da Silva & Lenny De Luca. While they both derive from completely different genres, their music is a fresh mixture showcasing both Lenny’s R&B and jazz influences and Luis' experimental house music.

Lenny De Luca previously released his music via Cascade Records, receiving support from taste makers such as Majestic Casual & XLR8R. Luis Da Silva released multiple songs over various labels, his most recent release being a remix for German experimental musician Alva Noto. While both their main projects have a more serious approach, Leonardo Das Cabrio is all about having fun and the possibility of having an extremely humor-driven, creative outlet.

After years of being close friends and creating music together they finally ended up launching their duo project.With multiple singles & EP’s ready to release, as well as self-produced music videos and comedic videos, they are well prepared for their project launch.

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